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The Regret of Buying a Home

I cannot believe how disappointed I was after buying my first home. When I was a kid growing up my friends and I was all told how very important it was to own a home. The notion of home ownership was what defined being a successful adult. It became the materialistic symbol that would tell the world we made it. That we are more complete than we once had been before owning a home. And yet two months into owning my first home I was on the phone contacting to make arrangements to sell it to them. No thank you, society.

For a brief period, I did in fact appreciate how much space I had and not to overlook all the empty walls that I would finally be able to paint however way that I wanted. Freedom expressed through artistic medium within the context of my own home was something that at the time

I thought would bring me a lot of pleasure. It wasn’t enough to make me feel any sort of contentment even if I did enjoy the process of decorating it. I began to realize that I was spending far more money than I anticipated and after some quick calculations I came to the conclusion that I would lose money in the long run.

I didn’t bat an eye when it came to sell it. It’s true that I did spend a good deal of my life up to that point imagining myself living in a home while saving every single paycheck until I was finally able to afford it without a mortgage. I am coming away from this with a better sense of clarity for what I do want for my life and what things are going to make me happy. A home is just not one of those things.

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