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Looking for Ways to Protect My Assets

I have st have started to look at ways of safely investing the money I got from selling my part in the family business. It was a pretty simple matter of my cousins wanting to take over the place and do things their own way. It was a pretty simple decision for me because they are all a pain to deal with and they made me an offer that was more than reasonable in my opinion.

The trick is to keep the money and not end up giving it all to the government. Lowell real estate for sale is what I am looking at right now. Obviously I am interested in something safe and what I figure is that I need to find something like a piece of commercial property with a nice income attached to it. I am thinking about how hard it would be to build and develop a piece of real estate.

I was looking at this old building that used to be a textile mill. It has been partially renovated and it looks fairly nice in some places. There are parts of it that look like an old factory, which is what it is obviously. I was wondering how hard it would be to do the same thing on a smaller scale, because I know where there are some similar old buildings. Of course that would be too ambitious for you starting out and I am thinking safety first right now. So I would probably think about building something that I knew that I could rent out and keep rented out. That is the key to this whole concept. You can not just build it and let it sit there. You have to keep it occupied and you need to collect that rent check every month.

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