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Important factors for property valuation

The most important factor in deciding valuation of any property is location. Well this is repeatedly said by property gurus but still I do not find in wrong in reminding you once again. If you are deciding to purchase, sale or resale of any property then you must be aware of the important factors such as location and neighborhood areas. Valuation also depends on factors such as how far the Markets are accessible, mode of commutation from property, mode of public transport available from near by area. Moreover parks, shopping malls and multiplexes also influence the rates of your property. In all types of property whether industrial, commercial or residential every person is concerned about location and surroundings.

Residential property should be available in urban areas and should have availability of all basic amenities necessary such as electricity, drainage, clean water and, clean surrounding etc. Facilities such as Schools, hospitals and shopping malls are plus point for any location.

Commercial property should be located at a swarming place. Transportation and parking lots adds more point in valuation of a commercial property. Also you must choose a place where you think you can attract the business you are planning or which you have.

Crime rate is also important factor for both the commercial and residential property. The law and order of that area must be good so that investors who like to invest in some property may take interest.

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