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Malaysia “best place” to invest

According to one expert, Malaysia offers overseas property buyers the best investment opportunities in the South-East Asian property market. Marsha Lu, who is the head of the legal, diligence and compliance department at Property Frontiers, claimed that while Malaysia has not been as popular as Thailand in the past, the latter has experienced political instability recently. Arguing that Malaysia is presently “the best place to invest”, Ms Lu said that the country has recovered well from the Far East financial crisis in the 1990s, compared with many other states in the region.

“From an investment environment point of view, the government’s very welcoming for investors,” Ms Lu stated. The government has abolished capital gains tax, which is expected to make a “huge difference” for investors, she added.

Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin, managing director of SP Sertia, recently told The Star that the country’s government should do more to create a “favourable” business climate.


  1. Why do you say Malaysia is the best place to invest, the number of months it takes foreigners to register and buy a property their is 10, why would any one waist so much time. Do you get a permanent visa for that?

  2. you are right , malaysia is a good place ot invest!

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