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A Nice Apartment Close to the University

I was offered a teaching position at Emory late last year. I was not given much notice, but I did not really need one anyway. I had just finished a year of teaching abroad and had not settled into a normal routine yet, so this was actually perfect timing for me. I went online and did a search for apartments for rent near Emory University. Though I have often dreamed of living in a nice house, I knew that it would be best to find an apartment since I was not sure if I would have this job for more than two semesters.

I was able to find a really nice apartment complex called Gables Emory Point. I actually have not seen anything like it in the few cities I have lived in throughout the nation, but I have seen it in other countries. It is a really large complex with over 700 apartments, and there is a small community built up around it. The amenities are plenty for tenants, but I was more interested in the layouts of the apartments. Though it is just me, I wanted to have a two bedroom unit so I could have a spare room as an office.

I looked at the different floor plans available, and that is quite a few in itself. I found one that is a two bedroom, two bathroom unit that has a really nice sized kitchen and living room too. There is even a washer and dryer off of the kitchen, which made me really happy because I cannot stand community laundry rooms. Everything looked really great, and I was able to put in my application before I even set foot in Atlanta. All I had to do was go sign a few papers, and I was able to move right in. I actually hope this job lasts, because I really like it here!

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